Non-hoarse explosive force

"It's not a hoarse explosive force, but a relatively linear and dense, very sensible output power."

I am an OMV oil salesman. Due to the large number of customers and all over the province, I have to run an average of 40,000 to 50,000 kilometers a year. Under the condition of using the vehicle for a long time, I am also very concerned about the power output of the vehicle. It is very demanding. Three years ago, I bought the Audi A5 B9 2.0 turbo model mainly to appreciate the appearance of the vehicle and its excellent fuel consumption performance.

Everyone knows that to improve the power of your car, no matter what modification method you use, you must return to the engine in the end, because it is the core of the entire car. In particular, the engine modification is not only for speed, but also for stability. But the reason why I haven’t done the modification is because there are so many products on the market, the good and the bad are uneven

Until I came into contact with this titanium dioxide light thruster, it directly refreshed my concept.

This time I want to install the XThruster thrusters because I happened to participate in the Lihpao track day held by Audi, and I want to say that it should be able to show better effects on the track.

After Mr. Mei’s careful installation, he used the system to connect with a smartphone via bluetooth, and used the APP to monitor the operating status of the propeller, including the catalyst inventory, and to fine-tune the necessary parameters of the system according to the usage conditions to meet individual requirements. The best application for the condition of the car.

Experience the driving experience of XThruster thrusters for the first time:

On the way to Lihpao, in fact, there are obvious feelings. Maybe many people, like me, have been driving for many years, but they still don’t know much about the performance and control of the car, and even some functions have not been used.

The coach on the track day explained the car’s performance, cornering control, and taught driving skills. After the actual start on the track, although the straight-line acceleration was not as intense as imagined, the accelerator could give the required horsepower in time when cornering. This XThruster thruster really challenges the driver’s eye and control.

This set of kits is systematically manufactured, and can create a good horsepower output performance through installation and some fine-tuning. It is very worthwhile to convert horsepower at such a price. Its power output is not like the feeling of horsepower rushing out, but more like dozens of horses appearing in a dense and steady balance in front of the front of the car.

This thruster uses a variety of nano-oxides to mix with the engine’s oil and gas to enhance the hydrogen and oxygen cracking reactions in the oil and gas, so that complete combustion can be achieved.

The function of complete combustion is to improve the combustion efficiency of fuel in the engine. The result of full combustion can improve the performance of the engine to an unprecedented high-efficiency state. In addition to feeling that the engine’s power output is stronger and the acceleration response is more sensitive, fuel Consumption is also more efficient.

When the engine burns efficiently, it will reduce carbon deposits and solve the problem of black smoke emissions from diesel engines. I think everyone can really try the kind of explosive force that is not hoarse, but a relatively linear and dense output. power!

In the end, I’m not a racer who just wins and loses, and it’s the real practical product that can be used in everyday life.