At this time, I can feel the different changes of his fixed speed of 100km/h on the highway. At this time, the engine speed is still maintained at about 2000 rpm, but I can see its deep throttle response through the instrument, and the engine is running. Under this adjustment, you can indeed feel a slight change, smoother and quieter.

One of my favorite cars has been owned by at least three times. Everyone has an image they want to create for it. Some of them are not their original appearance, but just a car for me. Its condition and current power configuration are acceptable to me. It slowly took some time and energy to make it return to its original appearance, and it seems to have established a connection with it.

The engine is supported by the love of the previous owner, and he has done some sorting out so that his story can continue to be written.

Later, in my hands, I slowly updated the fuel injector, oxygen sensor, cam/crankshaft sensor, air flow, knock sensor, clutch and fan and the corresponding consumables. I also thank my friends for helping me. The materials are found in Europe/Mainland/Taiwan, and finally the construction is done by a friend.

The car at this time can feel the original power of his original appearance, the smooth acceleration is not muddled, and the response of the engine is like a new birth.

At this time, a friend in the car industry introduced a thruster, commonly known as the car’s respirator.

In fact, it is conceivable that it is like a jogger’s own heart and lungs, and his foot strength has reached a certain level. If you are full of energy during running at this time, you must be yearning for cruising power and endurance.

Later, under the construction of my friend, I put this device on the car. At first, I had no special feeling about this device. Later, I simply operated it in the opposite direction and adjusted its corresponding parameters greatly. At this time, I could feel it. Different changes in the speed of 100km/h on the highway, the speed at this time is still maintained at about 2000 rpm, but I can see the deep response of the accelerator through the instrument, and the operation of the engine can really feel a little under this adjustment. The changes are smoother and quieter.

Test its acceleration on a small road, deliberately choose the climbing section (Nankan ~ Linkou, Wugu ~ Linkou), you can feel that although it is not as good as the novel to get through the eight pulses of the governor, but at this time the engine is smooth and accelerated. The change can be felt, but my oil choice is currently Formosa 95+.

Driven by this curiosity, I ran out of 95 fuel as soon as possible and replaced the 98 on the road. At first, I didn’t feel much and was a little disappointed. Later, I tried to adjust the parameters but it was more obvious ups and downs, as long as I passed the same road section To feel, you can catch these small changes.

My feeling comes from the sound of the engine in the cabin, it seems to be gone, because it is the design of M Sport, the feedback from the engine in the same car in the cabin is different.

Driven by obsessive-compulsive disorder, I lie down and smell the smell of exhaust. The difference between before and after opening comes from the degree of choking the nose. After opening, the taste is relatively spicy and pungent. The situation is improved, and I use toilet paper to test the exhaust. There is really a difference in the amount of black carbon.

Another more realistic situation, the improvement of fuel consumption…

Because its hardware maintenance has reached a high level, I think its fuel consumption should be relatively improved. After applying this product, there is about 5% more space than the previous hardware maintenance.

5% may not be much, but this is a statistic for a 1999 NA old horse to be reborn again. If you want to compare it with the hardware before repair, I personally think it is too harsh for it, because the mechanical parts are worthy of use. will also affect its performance.