Pleasant and slightly excited

“Acceleration is easy, and when you release the accelerator, it is light and smooth. I am delighted and slightly excited by the response of the E70, which has driven 170,000 kilometers for 11 years.”

2021/11/24 02:00 pm

三重 新銘德

Thomas Mei 梅兄

14:00 pm Start the installation

15:50 pm Installation is complete

test drive

After installing the XThruster, I drove back to the vicinity of Renai Road, Daan District. There was a little more traffic, and I was very impressed by the urban area along the way. Acceleration is easy, and when you release the accelerator, it is light and smooth, and I am moved by the response of the E70, which has driven 170,000 kilometers in 11 years, to me with joy and excitement.

Take Xinyi Road from Da’an District to the underpass of Xia Keelung Road in the early part of the working hours, stop and drive all the way to the east of Shanghuan Road. During the acceleration uphill, the car still presses the brakes more frequently, but the X5 brings the same feedback and others are more assured , I’m going to cross the Maishuai Bridge next. Of course, it’s not the end of the speed… But I’m proud of it all the way…😁😁😁😀😀😀🤩🤩🤩,I think it’s like driving the Lihpao track.😆

How can this kind of thing not come out and talk about it, so that other car owners will follow up with envy?

Plus, I’m almost certain to save on fuel, unless I don’t charge on my right foot from start to finish.

Today is only Part 1.


Part 1-1,

2021/11/24 Go out at 7:40pm

Nangang – Jingmei – Nangang

From the basement B4, I turned three uphill lanes, and I drove out of the garage with a loud chatter. There was no deliberate zooming at certain points (turbo D gear) in the past. It was really different.

On the sixth section of Nanjing East Road, go up to Maishuai Bridge, go down to the Keelung Underpass and then go up to the Keelung Elevated Viaduct. Didn’t encounter a red light, did it deliberately? The 80 ~ 120 km/h of constant acceleration all the way but not too much, the excitement/nervousness installed in the afternoon has been replaced by calm focus. Picked up the twins, the weight of the car has increased by 180kg+, the Xiangshan Tunnel/Xinyi is fast, and the acceleration is deliberate…

Summary of the first day:

In general urban traffic conditions, XThruster’s performance has been surprising.

The previous setbacks have almost disappeared, and after accelerating and then withdrawing the accelerator, there is an unexpected speed continuous road, and even people have a sense of miracle that the entire gearbox system has been upgraded by the way.

On the high-speed section, the acceleration is light and continuous, and it is easy to overtake, and then deliberately retract the accelerator to pay attention to the speed. Sure enough, the only difference is the speed and fuel consumption indicator on the instrument panel. The actual hand is holding the steering wheel, and the foot is lightly on the brake. The feeling of speed and the sound of the engine, how should I put it… The feeling of wanting to keep driving like this is addicting?🤣

I may run the Snow Mountain Tunnel tomorrow, eager to try!

Part 2



At 2:30 p.m., from Nangang Branch to Huandong for a short period of time, prepare to take National Highway 5, all the way 80 ~ 90 km/h to Jiaoxi, try to fine-tune the XThruster system parameters to 26.9, 26.8, and then return to 27.0, 27.1, still professional Brother Mei is amazing, you can know that 27.0 is the best in less than ten minutes from the city…

I can’t believe the acceleration and smoothness of stepping on the accelerator. It pops up when it is heavier, and there is no setback when retracting. But not limiting the revs, which is wonderful and makes it easier for me to focus on the road.

I wanted to keep trying to see if I could try it out. It was just a flash in the pan, ha! It is not . What is it, really just that wonderful XThruster?

On the return trip, we took the coastal road in the northeast corner. It was dark and raining and there were a bunch of big trucks. There was not much that could be done, except for the easy cornering in the rain and a few easy overtaking. Go up to National Highway No. 1, and a short section of five blocks to Neihu Lake. The rain is light, and the traffic flow is not as jammed as it is in the north. It is easy to speed up and enjoy, which once again proves the previous feeling.

Next, slowly pay attention to fuel consumption. Although I don’t care much, it is also necessary to record it.

Needless to say, I will also install the B10 V8s next time.