More than smooth

"I thought that the diesel engine was like this, and the thruster made me discover more possibilities."

I thought that the diesel engine was like this, and the propeller made me discover more possibilities.

This is the last SCR-free diesel engine sold in Taiwan after the VAG Dieselgate, the Skoda Octavia RS MK3 TDi.

The original data horsepower is 184hp and torque is 38.7kgm. In the time and space environment at that time, it can barely match the performance. After purchasing this car, I began to receive a lot of information about carbon deposition and DPF issues; based on the idea that pre-maintenance and prevention is better than post-replacement maintenance, I found Mr. Mei under the review of car friends, and it has become a long-term use of biochemical enzymes. By.

After seeing the information about the product of the thruster, I immediately contacted Mr. Mei, and confirmed the installation method and location in the actual car. Later, I arranged a time to set up the whole device on the car, and after the mobile APP was set, the actual road adjustment was completed. Parameters; through fine-tuning, it can be adjusted until the user immediately feels it, which is really a wonderful experience.

After a few days of daily car use, all I can say about the thruster is: it’s more than smooth!

It is written briefly, but this smoothness plays a finishing touch on the engine in the high and low speed domains.

In the low-speed urban driving part, the torque was slightly weak before the 1750 rpm speed zone. Now there seems to be a slight thrust to help the vehicle move forward. It feels a bit like the current mainstream 48V electric motor is assisting acceleration, and the accelerator is light. You can follow the car in front smoothly with a light touch. The part of the speed that you notice is the part of the speed. After you release the accelerator, the speed of the speed drop is significantly slower, which also makes the shifting process smoother and the gears are connected. More and more invisible!

During the period, I ran a high-speed road section. After switching the gear to the S gear, the speed was still soaring, but the engine was supposed to show a weak and declining speed area after 3200 rpm. It seems to have changed the tone, and the engine sound steadily accompanied The revs rise until the next gear is changed; the sound is more pleasant, even refined.

Before the test drive, Mr. Mei mentioned that the sound of the engine will change. I thought how could it be possible? But actually hearing the screeching sound of the engine in the car will make people bloody unconsciously! It’s like you’ve changed your heart and want you to push the accelerator all the way.

Of course, we should also talk about the short-term mountain road experience. The D gear, which was originally half a beat in the acceleration when overtaking and receding, made the whole climbing process easier because of more power. In most cases, you don’t need kick down. The speed pointer can be pulled to the desired position; not to mention the S gear forward and reverse gears. The original DSG light-speed shift speed is already fast. With the assistance of the propeller, the overall process of shifting and accelerating is more seamless.

It’s just that the downhill section was originally used to use low-speed engine braking, but now it is because even if only a small amount of fuel is injected to keep the engine running, the more complete combustion will make the engine braking less obvious; relative to this, the use of brakes is even more obvious. Important, it seems that it will speed up again to make the consumption of the discs!

The XThruster thruster was originally installed due to environmental protection and exhaust odor, but unexpectedly brought more surprises like chip modification, and the cost of subsequent consumables is also extremely low. Such a product is really admirable and recommended!