The case of commercial vehicle application: HINO & FORD

"When climbing Linkou Slope with cargo, I used to have to downgrade to fourth or fifth gear to climb the slope smoothly. Now, I can go up the slope directly in sixth gear..."

I came into contact with XThruster in July and have been using it for about 4 months now. Let me talk about the vehicle I use first, the 2017 hino 11-ton commercial truck. Because the speed of the truck is not high, I pay more attention to the performance of fuel consumption. Since the truck is a heavy-duty vehicle, it is relatively I don’t focus on acceleration performance, I care about the smoothness of driving.

This is a product that is heated from liquid to gas, and then helps the diesel to burn completely. The actual fuel consumption performance can be more than 4 kilometers per liter, and it can be improved to more than 5 kilometers. Because it can help the diesel to burn completely, you don’t need to step on the accelerator So deep, you can feel the power as if you are stepping on the accelerator. The simplest example is: when you climb the Linkou slope with a load, you used to drop to fourth or fifth gear, but now you can directly go up to sixth gear….

In addition, the new diesel vehicles now have the problem of DPF regeneration. When the vehicle is regenerating the DPF, it often produces choking gas. The current situation is that the gas is still a little choking, but it is much better than before, and in the past When it burns to a certain extent, it will emit a lot of black smoke At present, there is only a slight smoke. The point is that the regeneration mileage can be extended. This is the best explanation: it can help the complete combustion of diesel to reduce carbon emissions and carbon deposits.. .

The other car is the 2015 Ford Traveler. The performance of this car really surprised me. The sense of acceleration becomes very powerful. However, the fuel consumption performance will not deteriorate because of this. At the beginning, it maintained a flat performance, but after the passion (often big feet), maintain the usual driving habits, and an average of 1 liter can run 1.5 kilometers to 2 kilometers more than before. …

The key point is that it can help diesel to burn completely and reduce carbon deposits. Reduced carbon deposits can naturally maintain better fuel consumption performance and reduce engine maintenance costs. I sincerely recommend friends who drive diesel cars to try it!

You can search for XThruster to learn more about it. It is also suitable for gasoline vehicles. Because it is only used in diesel commercial vehicles at present, I only make my impressions on the diesel engine. If I have a chance, I will share it with the old BMW. a bit.

The following video is the latest DPF regeneration of HINO. During the regeneration process, no black smoke can be seen in the exhaust.

It has been five months since XThruster was installed, and the DPF regeneration mileage has changed from every 250 to 300 kilometers when it was not installed. After the installation, the DPF regeneration mileage is about 400 kilometers, and then it is about 450 kilometers. Yesterday, I checked the mileage when the DPF indicator light was on. The number is 537 kilometers, and the regeneration mileage interval of DPF has been lengthened a lot.

This is real data. I dare not say that diesel fuel is completely 100% combusted, but this data can show that the combustion efficiency has really improved. When the combustion efficiency improves, carbon deposits will naturally be reduced, and compared with fuel costs, it can also save a little bit. Because the engine speed will increase when DPF regenerates and burns carbon deposits, it means that more fuel is needed to increase the temperature of DPF to burn carbon deposits.

I think if it is a long-distance truck, the performance of the data should be more eye-catching. XThruster is really worth installing!