No wonder it is so heartwarming!

"It turns out that a huge body can also have agile control fun and dynamic performance!"

“It turns out that a huge body can also have agile control fun and dynamic performance!”

One day, the white-haired master of a certain factory in a certain place said on the other end of the communication software: “I recently discovered a new weapon that can strengthen the E53 fork!”

Makes me very curious?

Because, the white-haired master who always reminds me not to over-modify the car, actually started the evolution project by himself!

What is it that has such magic and practical benefits, so that such a professional technician can be moved?

So, under my strong desire and actions to find out, I put on a new weapon!

“True or false! Does something like this work?”

“What is the white box? The control box!”

“What is this black jar? A device for filling potions!”

“What potion? Does it work? Photocatalyst!”

“I want to load the potion! There are some more expenditure items! Do you want it?”

“Will it be a gimmick to make money again? I’ll be afraid!”

“Why is even the white-haired master framed? Panic!”

My heart is full of doubts and worries, and I am also full of curiosity about new weapons, so gather up the courage to join the ranks of the white mice and get ready for the road test right away!

The mobile phone is equipped with a special APP, which can monitor the use status and value adjustment of the device, and can watch it during the road test. !

There is plenty of power response at high speeds, and the difference can be felt significantly!

Without a doubt! New weapons can be put on the car!

Coincidentally, the weather is cold and the mainland cold high pressure is heading south, and the cold air entrains abundant moisture. Hehuan Mountain may experience the first snow of the year, so I asked the white-haired master’s family to go to Wuling to watch the snow and test the car!

Conquering Wuling is one of the standard projects that old BMWs will implement after preparing their car, because this route and the high altitude state have stricter requirements on the vehicle conditions, and can also further evaluate the stability and performance of the vehicle.

After my car is equipped with XThruster thrusters, I climbed the high and curved mountain road all the way. As long as I step on the accelerator smoothly, I can feel the steady output of power, and I reach Wuling effortlessly. The engine does not behave like an NA engine. , on the contrary, it is like the power performance of a turbo engine, which is not affected by the thin air conditions at high altitudes, which really surprised and amazed our group!

What is even more exciting is that this crazy journey, the fuel consumption performance of the car has not deteriorated due to the addition of XThruster thrusters, it is really a satisfying and reassuring enhancement project!

No wonder it is so heartwarming!