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XThruster® Thruster

The ultimate solution to improve engine performance.

Using the reaction of nano-oxides in the cylinder, the water in the air and the fuel is instantly cracked, and more hydrogen and oxygen are obtained to achieve combustion-supporting benefits.

Such a change in air quality has brought the engine performance to an unprecedentedly efficient state.

XThruster® Thruster – Air-altering combustion application technology.

The principle of catalyst

Performance improvement

The engine efficiency is improved and the fuel burns completely, which increases the engine performance by 4.5 % ~ 17.8 %.

In addition to feeling the stronger engine power output and more sensitive acceleration response, fuel consumption is also more efficient.

The above performance changes are affected by system adjustment, vehicle condition, fuel quality and other factors.

Carbon deposition reduction

When the fuel is completely burned, it will reduce the carbon accumulation, solve the black smoke emissions of the diesel engine, and improve the sour and odor of the exhaust.

This helps to reduce the maintenance demand caused by carbon accumulation, reduce urea consumption, reduce the burden of EGR, DPF and GPF, and reduce vehicle maintenance costs.

Optimization of design

Durability and easy maintenance are the system's design spindle, controller, reaction tank, and necessary lines and catheters to form a thruster structure.

Except for supplementing nanocatalysts, there is no other system maintenance necessary.

Catalyst consumption is related to fuel consumption.

Easy to regulate

The system connects to the smartphone through Bluetooth and uses program control (app), which can monitor the operation status of the thruster, including the catalyst stock, and fine-tune the parameters of the system according to the engine type to meet the best application of individual vehicle conditions.

Easy-to-operate parameter setting and calibration ensure that the system continues to function effectively.

Easy to move

The installation of the system is quite easy, and the parameters can be changed according to different engines, and the system can be completely transferred to another vehicle for use.

(Conduct accessories may need to be purchased separately)

Multiple benefits

For every 1,000 liters of gasoline consumption, or every 2,000 liters of diesel consumption, only 100 ml catalyst needs to be replenished.

The nanooxide crystal in the catalyst can gradually remove the carbon deposition of the engine components due to the influence of temperature, and the long-term comprehensive benefits make the system construction cost worry-free.

Easy to maintain
is designed for easy maintenance

New application technology breaks through traditional limitations.

Change the air quality and break through the air- fueled combustion limit

Air is a mixture of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% noble gases, and impurities.

Therefore, the lack of sufficient oxygen to support combustion in the combustion process is always a limit that is difficult to break through in the natural environment.

For example, in areas with low oxygen at high altitude, it is a common phenomenon that the engine cannot output normal power.

The XThruster® Thruster improves the oxygen supply in the combustion process, enhances the hydrogen cracking reaction in the fuel, and breaks through the air-assisted combustion limit.

Efficient combustion to maximize engine performance

2011 BMW E70 X5 35i

In the actual road test performance, after the combustion efficiency is improved by the XThruster® Thruster, the optimal horsepower output of the engine is increased by 17.8%, and the torque is also increased by 4.5%. In addition, an earlier maximum torque and a more sustained maximum horsepower output can be obtained.

The results of performance test may differ from individual vehicle conditions.

2013 VOLVO V60 D4

In the actual road performance test, after the combustion efficiency is improved by the XThruster® Thruster, the optimal horsepower output of the engine is increased by 11.5%, and the torque is also increased by 12.4%, which can be obtained at the same speed. Greater torque and horsepower output.

The results of performance test may differ from individual vehicle conditions.

Performance improvement also obtains clean emissions

After the fuel burns more completely and the engine eff iciency improves, the substances emitted will be carbon dioxide and water.

Through the photosynthesis of plants, carbon dioxide can be converted into carbohydrates and water according to the laws of nature.

XThruster® Thrusters can greatly reduce pollution emissions from internal combustion engines and improve environmental degradation.

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Old excavators and thruster can also play a good role. Even if they climb the slope on heavy load s and reduce black smoke emissions, the effect is remarkable.

Clean burning restores the environment to beauty

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what users have to say:

Pleasant and slightly excited

“Acceleration is easy, and when you release the accelerator, it is light and smooth. I am delighted and slightly excited by the response of the E70, which has driven 170,000 kilometers for 11 years.”

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At this time, I can feel the different changes of his fixed speed of 100km/h on the highway. At this time, the engine speed is still maintained at about 2000 rpm, but I can see its deep throttle response through the instrument, and the engine is running. Under this adjustment, you can indeed feel a slight change, smoother and quieter.

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All laws are inseparable from their roots

“The first time I took the road test on the highway, when I deliberately increased the engine speed, I was surprised. It was like diving with your head out of the water to take a breath. Acceleration is faster than before, making you Wonder why this engine is so excited?”

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